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As the name implies our ULTIMATE GOAL is that you WIN in the Market.  There is a lot of hype out there about 10 baggers and how easy winning is - if you are looking for the easy guaranteed win every day please do not sign up here as our approach is more calculated and capital preserving.  We do capture BIG moves, they are just not every day events as we play a real market and not the hype.

We provide DAILY market analysis, trends, and trade signals IF they meet the requirements of our Leader Dan Black who’s philosophy has turned notorious over traders into calculated, precise, big move hunters willing to wait for the perfect time for entry!

Of course there are traders who need to trade every day and we support their tactics with precision market analysis, a Chatroom filled with expert traders giving support and guidance, as well as our Forum to get specific help and knowledge on various topics.

We TRULY Want to help the beginner and the expert WIN!  Trading is a lifelong pursuit requiring study, practice, and mentorship – it is NOT a quick fix weekend tutelage.  We not only provide insightful analysis and trade alerts but also show how you how to think and grow as a professional trader.

The technical analysis provided on OPTIONTRADERS.WIN goes deeper into the scheming’s of the manipulative, preordained, controlling market mechanisms designed to steal the ”sheep’s” money than you will find anywhere on the web.

Worse than a casino house the stock market is run by a super computer (we call "SkyNet") that "see's your hand" when you place "stops" to protect your position should the market go against you  - and its full mission are to go after those stops like PacMan goes after dots!

Our team provides calculated protection against this manipulation with the most advanced in depth analysis not of just market indicators, but also of clandestine events and signals (dates, days, many others) that detail the plans devised against your money. One day in our Chatroom will prove that the knowledge gained here is surpassed by all others obtained in traditional arenas.

We embrace and thrive in the exciting, but uncertain world of trading markets and look forward to helping all of our members and their families create the protection of wealth they will need in the uncertain future.


Our Mission

Our mission is to be the definitive place for stock options traders to gather and share trading ideas, strategies, and experiences while also learning to understand the forces that drive the market and how to trade to MAKE MONEY AGAINST THOSE FORCES.

If you want a place to meet and interact with the best stock options traders who truly understand the motives that operate behind it while increasing your skills and financial presence – this is the place for you!

Our Goal

Our goal is to utilize our experience trading stock options to help our members consistently WIN in the market.

Why Choose Us?

Our community of like minded traders who are friendly and helpful is something rare in this world.  You'll feel at home once you get to know the people and won't know how you survived without them.


We combine many things to figure out the market direction.

Technical Analysis 87%
Fibonacci Cycles 75%
Astrology 54%
Elliottwave 73%
Trendlines 90%
Numerology 48%
Historical Patterns 73%
Ritual Dates 59%
Insider Codes 66%
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    #1. Incredible MARKET Analysis and Calls

    OptionTraders.WIN believe in keeping it simple:

    Trade BIG MARKET MOVES at the PERFECT TIME to MAXIMIZE HUGE PROFITS!  We conduct detailed technical analysis taking hundreds of indicators and myriads of data to determine the upcoming market trends and wave timing and present it on a silver platter to our members with detailed analysis, daily charts, and MONSTER PROFIT calls.

    Beginning Traders:

    Receive carefully delivered 50% to 200% gain trades generally lasting one to two weeks.

    Advanced Traders:

    Receive Precise Targets, Turning Points, and more... with a 90%+ accuracy rating on massive moves - Many traders have changed their lives

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    #2. Real People; Real Community

    We are a tight-knit community of active stock options traders. We are real traders who love to trade and have been around the broader online investment community. We love the volatility of options and are the exponential gains that they can provide.

    During USA market hours, our chat is alive with action that can help you to become a better stock option trader. You won't get bored! You will find answers to your stock option questions here, guaranteed. Whether you are seasoned trader or novice player, it doesn't matter. This is the community for you. Even if you know hardly anything about stock option investing we still invite you to try our free 7 day trial and learn about options!

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    #3. Stock Option Forums

    Our discussion groups and forums are packed with information that will help you to expand your knowledge of stock options trading and empower you to make better trades.

    No matter what your experience level you will learn some truths that will change your perception and allow you to use this information to trade smarter and make more money.

    From web videos to explanation guidelines you will find the answers you need to become a world class trader.  If you have a question it will be answered there and is an excellent place for researching multitudes of option trading

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    #4. Live Chat Room

    Our site offers insightful stock options resources in the Forum and on the web, but the rubber meets the road in our live stock options chat room. Our chat room begins bustling about one hour before the market opens and remains super active throughout the day and night.

    With a full membership you’ll have access to this chat room that also includes in-chat audio and video commentary throughout the day by our pro traders.

    Every day we provide the guidance and analysis that is discussed and tactics are devised and if there are question they are answered.  We do our greatest effort to offer as much as we can to help our members be successful, wealthy traders




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Why Options?

Stock options offer the opportunity to make enormous returns. A simple $100-$200 trade is all it takes to turn hundreds into thousands of dollars. Our calls are proven and well-documented on the web.  Many futures traders on the board also use the market technical analysis guidelines, resistances and supports, and expected market movements to successfully trade the futures.

Proven Track Record

We have our posts recorded every day so you can track and learn from the analysis.  We have a core group of members that are genuine, legitimate, and we have helped them make money! People come for the money but stay because of the community. We’re real people pooling our knowledge, skill, and resources to make solid bank in the awesome world of stock options. Give us a week and you’ll see the immense value of the trading ideas that are shared in live chat. We don’t want to make a quick sale at the bottom of a high-pressure squeeze page. This is why we offer a full-access 7-day trial to anyone interested in checking us out. We want real people who will add value to our growing community.  Making money while having fun is the way it should be.

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