Underground Trader Masters SKYNET And Beats The Stock Market Day In And Day Out!

Did you ever dream of making a living trading the stock market? 

Have you ever tried to trade it and lost your money?

Did you follow the advice of the Guru's on television?

Did you know they are "Paid" to Lie to you and get you to take the wrong side of the trade?

  That's right, big institutions pay them to get YOU scared near a bottom so you'll sell your stock at a lost to the big boys at discounted prices.

They are accumulating stock cheaply from YOU because the main stream media tells you a crash is coming and you'd better sell every now!

Of course the insiders know that's a lie, which is why they are Buying YOUR Stock hand over fist at big loses to you and big savings to them.

You watch it day by day as it rallies back up and maybe even goes to a level where you would have broke even and not lost anything... if you hadn't panicked at the low previously and sold everything.

Finally after some time goes by the market is up big from the prior lows and the media changes their tone and starts saying that the bottom is now in and you should start buying again.

Once again you watch cautiously as you are still in shock from losing your money previously at the lows. But after a few more days you see the market does continue to go up.  You think... maybe they are right after all about the bottoming being "in" now?  You then start thinking you might be missing the big rally.

The guru's on TV are now pounding the table saying...

"See, I told YOU the Bottom was in and the Bull is back!"

Then you finally give in and buy after listening to the "paid" guru's once again sucker you into taking the opposite side of the trade of the big institutions.

Yes, they want out... and they need you to BUY their Stock at the "TOP"!

They know the market is going to go back down again soon, and they want to lock in profits by reselling you the same stock YOU sold previously to them near the bottom.

Once again you take a loss as the insiders get you (the sheep) to "buy the top" while they exit and get short the market for the next big drop.

This happens time and time again, as YOU, the sheep "Sell the Bottom" and "Buy the Top". 

It's all a big casino where the institutions are the "House" and YOU (the sheep) are the unlucky gambler at the "Blackjack" table.

The only difference between Las Vegas and the stock market is that when you play in Vegas the house Can't see the cards in your hand, while in the Stock Market THEY CAN!

Did you know that the stock market is run by a super computer? I like to call it "SkyNet" from the Terminator movie series. It "see's your hand" when you place "stops" to protect your position should the market go against you.

SkyNet see's where those "stops" are at and will go after them just like Ms. Pacman goes after dots to eat!

In fact, I firmly believe they only created the Futures market on the S&P500 so they can take out those "stops" afterhours and premarket before the regular session opens from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm EST.

That's the easiest way to "steal" the sheep's money before the market actually goes in the direction they thought it would go in.

Just imagine you know the Winning Lotto ticket numbers, and while you're sleeping at night someone named "SkyNet" steals your ticket!

It feels a lot like that to traders that finally get the market direction correct, take a position on it the day before they expect it to move in that direction, and then wake up the next day to see that the market briefly went against them overnight and closed out their position at a small loss.

Yes... that happens all the time!

Then the market goes in the direction you think it was going but you don't have any position in it. You could have made money but SkyNet took you out just before the money! Unfair isn't it?

Not only are you told the opposite of the truth from all the guru's on TV but even if you filter them out and make a correct trade you still some how end up NOT making any Money!

84% of All Stock Trades Are By High-Frequency ComputersOnly 16% Are Done By Human Traders

84 %
SkyNet Run

I know how you feel... I've been there, done that too! But that was long ago as now I've learned how to out smart SkyNet and WIN over 90% of the time!

How did I do it you ask? It wasn't easy I'll tell you that!

I too went to the "school of hard knocks" and took my beating many times. I fell for the crap on TV, followed their advice and lost. Then I fell for the bloggers on the internet, who... though well meaning, had also fell for the guru's on TV as well.  So, I lost again!

The internet did have a lot more people on it that wanted to teach you the truth and help you to trade successfully. But, the television is unfortunately 100% controlled by the big boys and you aren't likely to get anyone on it giving you accurate trading advice day in and day out.

My "school of hard knocks" meant that I had to study my butt off learning all kinds of stuff. Things like "Technical Analysis", "Elliottwave", "Patterns", "Fibonacci Levels", "Time and Cycles", "Historical Data", "Numerology", and most importantly "The Manipulation Factor of SkyNet".

Technical Analysis

So many other don’t understand how to use Technical Analysis properly to determine the future direction of the stock market. Our team of expects can see the Big Picture before it happens.


Through the use of Trendlines we let our members know the exact levels where the market is most likely to turn around at… which gives them near perfect entry points to go long or short.


Using Elliott Wave to forecast the future direction of the stock market is not something that the average person can do. Used in conjunction with multitudes of other essential indicators, our Elliott Wave results give our members a critical edge over the market.

Fibonacci Cycles

Understanding Fibonacci levels is more then just levels on the market, it’s also used for time cycles. Our system of reading Fibonacci is far more detailed, precise, proven, and tested than what others use.

But after 5 long years of devoting all my time to understanding how the market really moves it just all came together in the summer of 2014 when a light bulb must have come on in my head.

No, it wasn't some magical moment.

It was just at moment where I could finally See the forest for the trees.

I was finally at a point where I knew that I had to mix together all of the things I had studied to understand the movement of the market as...

NO One Method alone would accurately predict it.

In July of 2014 I decided to put my method to a test.

I started off with just $2,700 and after one month and 7 trades later I had made $17,000 with ZERO losing trades.

The 1st trade with my "Secret System" was a BIG Winner!

Now in all honesty the first day I place the trade was scary.  I missed the "exact" best entry and watched my $2,700 dip down to $2,000 by close.  But by the following Friday it was $6,500 and I was glad I didn't panic and let my system work.

The 2nd trade I didn't get crazy and roll the whole $6,500 into it but instead did only $2,500 on it. The profit on it wasn't as great... it only went to $3,500 in the next 2 days.

Then I hit a dud trade that wasn't moving as fast as I wanted it too, so I exited with a small win of just $200 or so.

The next 4 trades were all winners averaging 50%-100% in gains that only took a week or less. None of them were losers, but one or two briefly went against me for a day or so before going back into a profit.

I have to say that my friends think I'm nuts for telling the truth on this story as they don't think it's a good idea to let people know that some of my winning trades went against me for a short period.

They say it's not good "salesmanship" to talk about loses, and that I should only mention winners. I tell them I'm not a salesman, I'm a stock market trader.

They say I won't sell anything talking about losing trades, but I don't care. I was raised the country and taught to tell the truth... so I do!

If no one believes me that's fine too. There's so much hype out there on the internet that it's hard to tell the lies from the truth, so I don't blame anyone if they don't believe me. It's my story, and it's 100% true... believe it or not.

After making that $17,000 in one month with only "7 winning trades" in a row, (and NEVER trading but $2,500-$3,500 per trade), I decided to tell my partner and friend about it.

$ 17000 Up 630%

No friends or family members knew it, nor any trader buddies on the internet that I chat with on Skype, Twitter or just email. No one in the world but me knew I had just turned $2,700 into $17,000 in just one month.

You see, up until then I had done all this trading "Secretly" without a single person knowing about it.

No friends or family members knew it, nor any trader buddies on the internet that I chat with on Skype, Twitter or just email. No one in the world but me knew I had just turned $2,700 into $17,000 in just one month.

Well, I just couldn't contain my excitement anymore so I told my close internet trading friends what had happened. My closest friend (who I do other business with, like website creation work, marketing, etc...) was totally shocked at what I had done and didn't believe it!

He and I do a lot of other stuff together and speak daily on the phone about everything in life, not just trading. We are like brothers in fact. We partner up on many other things and have made money together many times.

After I told him my story he was totally amazed and just didn't know what to say. He reminded me of the past and asked me what had changed? He knew I had studied many different trading methods for the last 5 years and never found one that gave consistent winning trades.

I told him that I had to combine all of those methods as none of them would work just by itself. I said it was complicated but some how I could just see how they all played a part in forecasting the next move in the stock market.

I pointed out to him that SkyNet was artificial intelligence and there was no way that it was going to let someone (like us sheep) just take some course on one trading method and suddenly start trading nothing but winning trades all the time.

Remember, SkyNet was programmed to steal money from the sheep and give it to the insiders. So it had to be a very complex algorithm that it used to trick the sheep into taking the wrong side of the trade all the time.

It's the same reason they let a few people WIN Big at Vegas, as they know they will lose it all back shortly thereafter...

My friend asked me again... "how did you put it all together?", and I told him I just didn't know the answer. Some how all the pieces just fit and I could see the forest for trees... "so to speak".

Naturally he thought I was just lucky and didn't think I could do consistently, which I have to admit I wasn't positive yet myself. I too wondered if I had just got on a lucky streak. After all, I had never seen this kind of success prior to these 7 winning trades.

In the past I was just a sheep like everyone else and would win a few and lose a few... never really gaining anything. I'd fall for some pattern that showed up on a chart formation, take a position based on it, and then see the pattern fail... losing me money.

Then I'd see some Elliottwave count and took another trade based on what wave should happen next.

Of course that wave count was wrong... and then later relabeled as the alternate wave count. Naturally that was another losing trade.

So I'd throw out that method of forecasting the market and try another... like Technical Analysis. But once again it only worked for so long before SkyNet manipulated it just long enough for my trade to lose me money.  I would be forced to exit it with a loss because the market didn't go my way in time.

This is the life of most all traders out there. Yes, I could lie to you and tell you I've always been a winner... which is the thing most sales people would do. They'd tell you they have some magical formula or trading systems that only they have.

Then you'd get all excited, pull out your credit card and buy their crappy course or software. They'd make money and you'd be stuck with another can of garbage.

Sorry to tell you that I'm just not that guy. I'm not going to tell you I have some magic trading system. In fact I am going to tell you that if you learn all the methods I've mentioned you could also put them together and trade successfully without anything from me.

Of course it might take you 5 years like it did me. And you might find yourself reading many other websites every day to pull out bits of pieces of important information you need to figure out the next move in the market.

Then you might find yourself needing more computer power to read all this stuff, so you decide to spend $10,000 on custom building your own computer system so you can be on the cutting edge all the time.

I'm not saying you will need 12 computer monitors like I have to track the market, as I'm sure you don't. But it certainly helps to "see the forest for the trees" when you have all the important charts open at the same time on different screens.

However, I'm getting side tracked here and should be telling you the rest of my story.

You see, my close friend (and partner with other projects) wanted to test me to see how well my system really called the market. So we went on a quest over the next year where I would call the market in advance for him and he's just track it to see how accurate I was.

Over the next year I went on to do charts where I would draw trendlines on them and write some text in a box on the screen giving my forecast for the market direction for that day... which I also suggested a trade I would take based on that prediction.

Over the weeks that followed since July of 2014 I gave my friend and partner over 80 trades I would take... maybe as many as a 100 trades? I honestly never counted them.

80 Wins 4 Losers

In all that time (over a year) my friend told me I only made 3-5 bad calls. Meaning they wouldn't have made any profit and would have been a lose. He did say that 1 or 2 of those bad calls did briefly had a point (usually 1-2 days later) where you could have gotten out at a breakeven, so it really thinks my bad calls were more like 1-3, but regardless, 5 bad calls out of over 80 is a pretty great record he said.

So you must think my friend is now hugely rich from all those great calls right? Here's the rest of the story...

My friend waited until I gave him about 20 or more correct calls before he decided to follow me and place a trade with his own money. Well, just as a bad luck would have it the very next forecast I made was only that I missed the top or bottom by a day or two at most.

Unfortunately for my friend he's a very "emotional" trader and when he saw the trade go against him on day 1 he would bail out with a lost.

Then the next day the trade would turn around and go back to being a winner. Many times the trade would go up 50%, 100% or even 300% before it was over. But he exited at a lost on the first day because I was off slightly on that forecast.

He saw me call the other 20 trades accurately to the exact day of the turn, and sometimes within 5-10 minutes of a top or bottom. He just assumed that I'd make every call exactly on the day it would turn and never thought I'd miss by some much (meaning... I was one full day off).

I remember one trade where he placed $1,500 on a long position early in the day (meaning he's looking for the market to go up), and I missed the bottom slightly when I made my forecast. The bottom wasn't early in the morning but happened around noon that day.

His position drifted down to being worth $1,000-$1,200 for several hours midday before it started to move back up late in the day. Before the last hour of the day it reached $1,500 again and he felt I was wrong on my call this time. So he bailed for a breakeven.

The next day the market gaped up and that position was worth $5,000 at the open. It continued to climb the rest of that day and into the next few days. It reached as high of over $7,000 but again, I'm all about being honest here, so I would have sold it for the $5,000 at the open, missing the rest of the gain.

During the 80-100 trades I gave me friend I missed the exact bottom or top by no more then one day, and I probably did that maybe 10-15 times of that 80+ trades. My friend only took about a dozen trades of all the one's I gave him but due to his emotions he would exit before the big move happened.

Some he would lose a little, others he broke even, and a few he made a nice profit on. I can't tell you why that happened? I only know that this is a common occurrence in trading. Many traders can't handle the wild swings up and down in the market and will exit too soon before the trade becomes a big winner.

Now I'll grant you that while I'm telling you a story that is 100% true, it's not a good sales pitch. Sorry, I'm just a bad salesman I guess. Maybe lying to you and telling you my friend made $576,125 on a $1,378 investment would get you to buy some course or program that I could sell (I don't have a course or program... sorry), but that's just not the truth.

The truth is... he struggles to trade just like everyone else because EVERYONE is programmed to FAIL! Yes, I said it... we are all programmed to fail. It's all around us every day, but we don't even see it.

You have to "feel" it... don't you? How many times have you saw the market rally hard day in and day out and finally decided to buy? Then just when you bought it the market turned back down again. Why is it?

  • Are you just a horrible trader?
  • Are you the only one doing that?
  • Do you have "loser" written on your forehead?
  • Are you just unlucky?
  • Does everyone win but you?

Those are all the things that I'm sure you've thought to yourself secretly every time you kick yourself for selling out for a loss at the bottom just before it turns back up... or buying that stupid top again!

We've all been there... I have. Many times in fact. Again, I'm not here to feed you a big bull crap story full of unbelievable gains with young and pretty people giving crazy testimonials full of hype on how much money they made with this magical system.

Sorry, that's not me. If you want hype just go turn on the TV and put it on the financial channel of your choice. There's plenty of paid promoters there to sell you the latest garbage stock at the top.

You can even go buy the latest new IPO if you want and lose your money as it opens up, rallies for a day or so, and then drops hard as all the insiders sell into all that buying from the dumb sheep that believed the crap promoted by the main stream media.

For me though I choose to do the opposite of what that huge propaganda machine is preaching and make money week in and week out. Trading this market takes a strong mind and strong stomach. You can't ride this jet airplane and get to mach speed if you can't hold your stomach. Throwing up is "bailing out at a lost" and you'll never make money that way.

You must be able to place a trade and stick with it!   I've learned to trust my system and give it time to work. While most of the time it gives me the very day of the top or bottom there are times when it's off a day.

So riding out that small period when it briefly goes against you is like "NOT throwing up" when you hit mach speed in that jet airplane. If you want to enjoy the ride you have to "suck up the pain" a little before you get to see the reward.

But anyway... back to My Story!

Where was I? Oh yeah, I was telling you the truth on how my best friend watched me give him 80-100 winning trades with maybe 3-5 losers... and how he never got rich from it because he only took about a dozen of them, and closed them out too early.

Well, what can I say? This is the worst sales letter ever written probably. I'm sure you'd rather hear the "comforting lies" instead of the "unpleasant truth"... like "You'll make a million dollars in 60 days" when you become a member and follow our trades.

I'll just sit here in this "unpleasant truths" booth and fall asleep while all the other sites sell their "comforting lies" software, ebook courses, or memberships with their hyped up sales pages that have all the young, pretty or handsome actors on them giving a testimonial of how rich they got with whatever that site sells.

Sorry, but that's NOT True. No one can do that. If that's on a sales page... run, don't walk! It's all B.S.

Yep... move along, nothing to see here. Comforting Lies is the next booth over.

Go get in line fast to buy the latest hype and you'll be rich overnight.

You think I'm joking but I'm NOT! The world is full of crap out there and never lives up to the sales pitch. In fact I saw this incredibly well done sales video pitching how you can get rich trading binary options. It was so well done that I watched the stupid thing all the way through to the end (about 20 minutes long if I recall?).

It showed a mid-forty's woman in it that was very attractive and was walking around in her multimillion dollar home telling you some secret system her husband discovered to trade binary options with like 97% accuracy.

Incredible story and sales pitch... I mean it was good! Of course the whole thing was total B.S., but I'm sure it made the owners a lot of money. I did some research on it over the internet and found a site that posted an article about how it was total hype and didn't work.

I read all the comments on that article and decided I'd post a comment telling the REAL truth on how these binary options really work. Here's what I wrote...


I'm a professional stock market trader and online blogger since 2009 and I can tell you exactly how this scam works. It's very simple actually. Here's how it works...

1. The person behind it signs up with certain Binary Options companies that pay out high commission as an affiliate.

2. They then hire someone to create some software that gives buy and sell alerts for trading the stock market (which never work as there's not a single software package for sale on the planet that will work accurately).

3. Next they have someone write an ebook that's full of more hype and contains all the Binary Options Companies names with their affiliate links embedded in them.

4. After that they create the great sales video with the actress called Sarah Markel, whose real name is Angie George, a porn star that you can find at Tube8 (dot) com or your favorite porn site.

5. You promote your product on various advertising networks and try to get money from selling the course to pay for the cost of advertising.

6. In the event people try to click away from your site after the video starts you offer them a discount on the product with a pop up that asks them not to leave. You keep doing more discounts with more pop ups until you finally give the course away for free.

7. They win either way as all the money from selling the product is just reinvested into more advertising (which sells more product), making them the real money, which is from the affiliate commission made when you sign up at one of their Binary Options Brokers.

It's a huge scam as there absolute NO trading system out there that can make you rich by just pushing a button and letting it trade for you. I trade every day and post real charts and updates as to where I think the market is going to next. I get most right but miss a few from time to time as well. That's real trading in the real world.

Only one company never loses trading the stock market and it's called Goldman Sachs. But there's a reason they don't lose. The stock market is 100% rigged to take the money from average Joe trader and give it to the rich that do the rigging... and that's Goldman Sachs. They have a software system that rigs the market so they never lose. Needless to say... it's not for sale, and if it were it would cost Billions.

As for Binary Options companies I wouldn't recommend any of them... even the good ones that pay you back your money when you request it.

Why you ask?

Simple, all of those companies are setup to take the opposite side of the trade that their members do. Meaning that when you place a trade with them they take the opposite side of that trade. You go long and they go short... or you go short and they go long.

Since the average Joe trader loses 90%+ of the time they know that they can safely take the opposite side of the those trades as you will lose 90% of the time, therefore they will win 90% of time.

It's just like a casino where the house wins 90% of the time (or more) as they know most everyone that plays eventually loses it all. Even when someone is on a winning streak they know that if they keep them there long enough they will lose it all.

Same thing with the Binary Option companies. They know that even if you win a few trades you will eventually lose all your money when you hit a losing streak. Of course they delay sending you back your money as long as possible when you request your funds back, as this gives them time for you to get bored and place another trade where you lose the funds.

Some of the companies will actually have a sales guy call you and offer you some free "virtual money" to trade with while they process (delay) your request for your money. Again, just another tactic to get you back to trading again so you can lose it all.

If you really want to trade then use a real broker like TDAmeritrade, ScottTrade, or Etrade. And no, I'm not an affiliate of any of them. I use TDAmeritrade and can wire money into and out of my checking account within one day. These are real companies that DO NOT take the opposite side of your trade like Binary Companies do.

But, they aren't binary options broker... so you'll have to learn how to trade real methods like the S&P500 (via the SPY etf), or various stocks. I've been doing this for year and post daily in blog's comment section as well as my twitter feed and facebook page.

There's NO free lunch here folks. My charts I post tell my readers the direction I think the market will go next but it's up to them as to how to trade it. I'm not 100% accurate of course, and anyone claiming that is lying. If you can get to be 70-80% accurate, and learn how to let your winners run and cut your losses, you can do very well in the market.

It takes years to learn and most will blowout their account many times before becoming a winner. I've been there and done that... but now I'm a winner. Anyway, good luck to everyone and stay away from anything that looks too good to be true... because you know it is.


I clicked the "submit comment" button and it said that my comment had to be approved. I waited for a day and it never showed up? I contacted the owner of the site on their contact form and asked why my comment wasn't approved. I got NO response back.

I think Jack Nickelson said it best... "You can't handle the truth". That site was just trying to make money as an affiliate for many different binary options companies that had their banner ad's and link's on the site. Naturally when I told the truth in my comment it exposed the lies about the whole industry and that website owner wasn't going to let that knowledge out, or else he couldn't make money as an affiliate when someone clicked on one of the links or banners and signed up for some other binary options company.

You want the truth? Really? I'll give it you if you really want it... but it's not what you might want to hear.

Ok, here it is...

Making money trading in the stock market is hard as hell. Only 5% of traders make it on a regular basis. The people that join with me as a member, who get access to all my charting analysis every day, as well as some video's too... still aren't guaranteed to make money.

Why you ask? It's just the natural of people to screw things up. Some people just can't help themselves. They will take a winning trade that I post and some how turn it into a loser. Yep... Crazy but true, and you wanted the truth, remember?

So what should you do you ask? Naturally I can't answer that for you, but I will say that not only will I be in the chatroom everyday posting chart updates and video's but so will many other great traders.

While we can't advise you legally on what to do we will go out of our way to help you "help yourself'... meaning we'll try to teach you how to trade like a professional and leave your emotional at the door "so to speak".

You must go into all your trades believing in your system but also understanding that you could lose. Naturally you'll have to set your own "loss limit" but you should have the mindset that this money is for investment purposes and it could be all lost... or could make you a fortune.

Never trade with money you can't afford to lose. Yeah, I know... that's not something I should be saying if I'm trying to sell you on joining with us and becoming a member. But again, I'm not a salesperson. I'm horrible at sales. I'm sure I'll scare away a lot of possible members by telling you the truth.

But, that's the way I was raised. Sorry, can't help it. I make money trading and not selling memberships. So why don't I give it out for free you ask? Actually I have been doing that on Skype and on various blogs and twitter for over a year now.

So, I really didn't have to set up this membership site. I know this is going to sound "cheesy" but I like helping people. I've been doing for nothing for quite awhile in and "UN-organized" manner. People tell me they love my updates and they are making money from them.

I've been enjoying giving it to them as well as I love to see others make money too. My friends are actually the one's that encouraged me to setup a membership site and charge for it. They said that I do so much work for them that it's worth paying for and they'd be happy to pay the small monthly investment.

And here we are today with an incredible stock market trading "options" chatroom membership site that truly helps people make money. A rarity in this world full of hype!

I guess that's the end of my story. You'll have to join and become a member to meet my friend (the partner) and many other friends that are there to help you trade this crazy market.

I know it's the worst sales page you've ever seen, but I just couldn't create a hyped up one like all the other ones on the internet.

So I'll keep it simple... Join if you want to make money slowly and consistently and leave if you want to get rich fast, because it's not out.

How MUCH You Ask? The better question is... how much will you LOSE if you don't join with us and become a member?  But if you join today you'll be locked in for ONLY $99.99 per month... but hurry as we plan on raising the price to $299.99 once we hit a certainly amount of members.

Join, Now Before We Raise The Price Or Close The Doors To New Members...

OptionTradersWIN Membership


If at any point you aren't happy with us just cancel your membership and we'll stop billing you immediately. No questions asked! If you aren't happy... we aren't happy.

See what some of our members have to say:

Amazing Trends and Targets – ALWAYS On Point!

Dan is always on point with his trends, trades, targets, and impeccable timing. In this volatile market he has called THE BIG MOVES and guides his people to the right way to making money. His analysis is not only a map it is also a training aid and they are updated as needed to keep us informed and profitable!

TradeStocksDaily - Doug B.

Unbelievable Track Record! 125-1-2

If I was not making so much money I would not believe it! You do not need to trade every day as Dan's system is designed to swing into the powerful moves with safe entries. In fact the trade is not announced until an 80% or greater chance of making the POWERFUL C wave up or down - typically a 200-500% options profit.

SweetSpotInvestments - Walter C.

It’s as if I have seen the trades before they happen

Dan is constantly updating his analysis and willing to answer all questions in the chat room. His videos have helped me understand the upcoming moves and I trade them to the script with confidence. Thanks to DAN and all the OptionTraders.WIN for all of your help and helping me take control of my financial well being.

Renata V. 

Impeccable Character!

Dan is genuinely concerned for all of his members and takes the time to ensure we understand what the market has planned for us and how we can beat them. His picks are top notch and alerts are key to entering and existing trades banking profits.

Ron T. 

Great SPY Profit

Dan has definitely taught me the difference between quantity trading and QUALITY TRADING. I am spending much less on commissions and know I am in safe hands and profitable.

Johnathon R. 

Dan for President!

If I did not like Dan so much I would say he should run for president of the United States. He has helped me in troublesome times.

Octavio C.