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In July of 2014 we decided to track the trades made...

Our first month was a HUGE Winner with combined gains of 733.75% with only 6 trades!

We must admit this was an "Exceptional" month all 6 trades gaining over 50%, 4 of them over 100%, and 2 over 150%... incredible month to say the least!

July 2014

07/03/2014 193/190 SPY Put Spread 116.28%
07/10/2014 191/194 SPY Call Spread 91.40%
07/16/2014 193/190 SPY Put Spread 96.30%
07/17/2014 191/194 SPY Call Spread 157.14%
07/24/2014 193/190 SPY Put Spread 109.41%
07/29/2014 192/189 SPY Put Spread 163.22%

August 2014

08/04/2014 188/185 SPY Put Spread 71.29%
08/07/2014 191/193 SPY Call Spread 28.57%
08/12/2014 189/192 SPY Call Spread 88.39%
08/15/2014 190/193 SPY Call Spread 119.49%
08/20/2014 193/196 SPY Call Spread 31.88%
08/25/2014 195/192 SPY Put Spread (Loss) 7.77%

Then August followed with another Winning month getting 5 of 6 trades correct.

August is sometimes a tough month as it's common to see some weakness start in it.  Meaning the market tends to have a lot of chop at the top and trading it isn't the easiest thing to do.  But we managed to pull out another 331.85% during what many consider a "bad month" for the stock market.

WOW! An Amazing One Thousand Sixty Five point Sixty Percentage Gain In The First TWO Months!

NEXT UP... a "Rocking" October!
Check This Out Below...

September was a wild month and a little tough at first but again, we still did extremely well.

During early September we weren't sure if we saw the bull run out of steam and produce some choppy moves.  We missed a couple of trades at the end of August and beginning of September but managed to get out about break-even with them and make 562.43% for the month.

We foresaw the October DROP and racked up our BEST Month to date!

The BEAR came in strong this month we were ready making 8 trades... ALL Winners!  In total we hit 891.54% in gains.... incredible!

September 2014

09/02/2014 195/192 SPY Put Spread 1.75%
09/08/2014 195/192 SPY Put Spread 109.59%
09/15/2014 194/197 SPY Call Spread 115.79%
09/22/2014 196/193 SPY Put Spread 152.88%
09/29/2014 192/189 SPY Put Spread 182.42%

October 2014

10/02/2014 190/193 SPY Call Spread 111.21%
10/06/2014 193/190 SPY Put Spread 116.24%
10/09/2014 192/189 SPY Put Spread 128.93%
10/13/2014 186/183 SPY Put Spread 112.17%
10/16/2014 180/183 SPY Call Spread 80.95%
10/20/2014 186/189 SPY Call Spread 116.28%
10/22/2014 190/193 SPY Call Spread 79.46%
10/27/2014 192/195 SPY Call Spread 146.30%

November, the month every BEAR would like to Forget... but we survived it!

One of the most "Unbelievable" months in recorded history, says many "ol'timers" in the market!   A 40+ Veteran stated that he'd NEVER saw such a HUGE straight up rally without ANY real pullbacks in his entire career.  The SPX rallied over 200 points and defied all technical analysis.

It was our toughest months as we barely broke-even.  We stuck to our trading system and that was the only thing that saved us as many others lost a fortune shorting it.  We exited out on our shorts several times.  The market "should" have rolled over many times, but it refused to do so.  All in all we where happy to survive it without any losses as we kicked butt in October and realize that these periods come from time to time.  Total Gain was 2.86% while others went bust.

November 2014

11/03/2014 197/194 SPY Put Spread (Loss) 20.54%
11/06/2014 198/201 SPY Call Spread 7.58%
11/11/2014 199/196 SPY Put Spread 1.96%
11/18/2014 200/197 SPY Put Spread 20.00%
11/24/2014 202/199 SPY Put Spread (Loss) 6.14%

December 2014

12/01/2014 202/205 SPY Call Spread 100.00%
12/08/2014 203/200 SPY Put Spread 155.34%
12/11/2014 201/198 SPY Put Spread 136.44%
12/17/2014 195/198 SPY Call Spread 158.18%
12/26/2014 205/202 SPY Put Spread 81.20%

Santa delivered us another kick butt month in December!

After such a hard November we were glad to see the market start acting normal again with our technical analysis working perfect on 5 out of 5 trades giving us a sweet Gain of  631.16% to buy Christmas presents with.

What an Amazing First YEAR! In just 6 months we made a total of...

Just think about that for a minute! If you had ONLY invested $1,000 in every trade and NEVER compounded the winnings you'd had closed out the year with $31,535.90 in your bank account. And that's just our first HALF Year of trading!

January 2015

01/06/2015 197/200 SPY Call Spread 118.70%
01/13/2015 201/198 SPY Put Spread 89.84%
01/13/2015 197/200 SPY Call Spread 59.68%
01/26/2015 202/199 SPY Put Spread 125.86%
01/28/2015 200/197 SPY Put Spread 118.80%

January kicked off the new year with lot's of wild swings up and down!

The start of 2015 proved to be a full of opportunities for both bulls and bears as January tried to figure out which way it wanted to go.  We caught the main swings but missed a few as we decided it was safer to watch.  Overall our Gain was   512.88% so we were very happy.

An Unusual Bullish February...

Most of time February isn't too strong.  In fact, many times it a bearish month.  Not the case this time around as it rallied basically from the start of the month until the end of the month with hardly any pullbacks to trade.

It was a boring month for us as we just didn't have many opportunities to trade.  We only took 4 trades and made money on all 4 of them.  But gains were small when compared to prior months.  However, it's still a good month... Gaining a 156.27% with no losses.

February 2015

02/04/2015 197/200 SPY Call Spread 46.02%
02/09/2015 197/200 SPY Call Spread 86.76%
02/17/2015 202/199 SPY Put Spread 6.42%
02/24/2015 200/197 SPY Put Spread 17.07%

March 2015

03/03/2015 208/205 SPY Put Spread 126.72%
03/09/2015 205/202 SPY Put Spread 111.67%
03/17/2015 205/208 SPY Call Spread 67.67%
03/23/2015 208/205 SPY Put Spread 173.47%
03/30/2015 206/203 SPY Put Spread 58.14%

March Winds Came In Blowing Strong!

We got to see the market swing up and down several times in March giving us swing traders another chance to make some great profits.  We took 5 trades and scored big on all 5 of them making 537.67% in total gains.

"April Fools" didn't fool us...

Not exact an "incredible month" or a slow boring one, but somewhere in-between.  We took 5 trades, basically broke-even on one of them and made a nice profit on the other 4 spreads.   Still a great month though... Gaining a 254.60% in total.

April 2015

04/01/2015 203/206 SPY Call Spread 34.35%
04/02/2015 204/207 SPY Call Spread 89.84%
04/13/2015 208/205 SPY Put Spread 3.45%
04/21/2015 208/211 SPY Call Spread 35.29%
04/28/2015 208/205 SPY Put Spread 91.67%

May 2015

05/04/2015 208/205 SPY Put Spread 175.79%
05/07/2015 207/210 SPY Call Spread 148.31%
05/11/2015 208/205 SPY Put Spread 114.63%
05/12/2015 208/211 SPY Call Spread 94.79%
05/19/2015 210/207 SPY Put Spread (Loss) 8.82%
05/26/2015 209/206 SPY Put Spread 87.36%

"Sell In May And Go Away" Failed Big-time, but we still racked up the profits!

You've probably heard the ol' saying "Selling In May And Go Away", which used too be an accurate forecast.  But I've noticed it's not true that much anymore.  In fact I'd put the odds at 50/50 on it now.  But it didn't matter to us as we don't trade from old sayings.  We stick with our system and it pumped out a 612.06% gain for another stellar month.

June Signals A CRASH Watch Alert!

For the first time since the 2009 crash lows the 6 year rising trendline of support was broken in June.  This was a "Warning" that we "COULD" see a "Stock Market Crash" in the coming months.  Big swings happened all month and we caught and won 6 out of 6 trades, giving us a 773.01% gain!

June 2015

06/02/2015 209/206 SPY Put Spread 82.83%
06/09/2015 207/210 SPY Call Spread 182.76%
06/15/2015 207/210 SPY call Spread 197.85%
06/22/2015 211/208 SPY Put Spread 87.61%
06/22/2015 209/206 SPY Put Spread 162.26%
06/30/2015 205/208 SPY Call Spread 59.70%

July 2015

07/07/2015 205/208 SPY Call Spread 164.38%
07/07/2015 206/203 SPY Put Spread 130.68%
07/09/2015 205/208 SPY Call Spread 156.19%
07/14/2015 209/212 SPY call Spread 65.85%
07/20/2015 211/208 SPY Put Spread 77.98%
07/24/2015 208/205 SPY Put Spread 128.95%
07/28/2015 207/210 SPY Call Spread 96.75%

A CRASH Watch Turns Into A Full Blown WARNING In July!

In July we had a 2nd long term rising trendline break.  This, when combined with what our technical analysis and elliottwave count told us to be on "High Alert" for a crash.  It was a clear "WARNING" that odds are high of a big move down in the market in the very near future.  With all the wild moves in the market we had a killer profit with 820.78% in gains!

Our Proprietary System Tells Us We Could Crash On August 24th, 2015!

We use more then just technical analysis, elliottwave, trendlines, fibonacci levels, historical patterns, etc... to clue us into where the market is going to next.  One of those clues is ritual dates and secret codes in movies and TV programs.  Using a code we discovered in a movie and many other methods pointing to the same thing we predicted the crash to the EXACT DAY over a month in advance.

August 2015

08/03/2015 209/206 SPY Put Spread 89.72%
08/07/2015 207/210 SPY Call Spread 73.60%
08/10/2015 209/206 SPY Put Spread 145.87%
08/12/2015 206/209 SPY Call Spread 103.13%
08/18/2015 208/205 SPY Put Spread 175.27%

We NAIL The Crash To The Exact Day!

While we normally just play call and put spreads we were so confident of the looming crash that we informed everyone about it and suggested a straight put play.  If one would have purchase just 20 options for .22 cents each that ONE Put position would have only cost $440.00 and been worth $36,420.00 on Monday morning August 24th, 2015!

Percent Gain With A 08/19/2015 200 SPY Put

August 2015

08/19/2015 200 SPY Put Straight 8177.27%

And We DIDN'T Just Tell Our Members.... We Told Everyone On The Internet That Followed US!

September 2015

08/31/2015 197/193 SPY Put Spread 104.41%
09/04/2015 193/197 SPY Call Spread 102.33%
09/09/2015 197/193 SPY Put Spread 127.74%
09/11/2015 195/199 SPY Call Spread 91.67%
09/17/2015 200/196 SPY Put Spread 140.28%
09/22/2015 194/198 SPY Call Spread (Loss) 32.37%

Early Rally UP As Expected In September!

Nothing out of the ordinary for this month as after a crash wave down there's usually a nice bounce back up before a retest of the low again later in the month.  That's just what we saw in the month of September giving us  a 534.06% gain!

The Real Rally Started In October!

We expected that around the first of October we'd start a nice rally up that would get close to retesting the prior highs, and we saw just that giving us a 565.73% gain!

October 2015

09/29/2015 188/192 SPY Call Spread 200.00%
10/06/2015 199/203 SPY Call Spread 77.44%
10/13/2015 201/197 SPY Put Spread (Loss) 7.81%
10/20/2015 203/199 SPY Put Spread 19.23%
10/22/2015 203/207 SPY Call Spread 212.30%
10/27/2015 207/210 SPY Call Spread 64.57%

November 2015

11/03/2015 210/207 SPY Put Spread 46.94%
11/10/2015 208/205 SPY Put Spread 139.29%
11/16/2015 203/206 SPY Call Spread 153.70%
11/17/2015 206/203 SPY Put Spread (Loss) 25.00%
11/23/2015 209/206 SPY Put Spread (Loss) 2.11%

Early Down In November!

Usually there is some weakness early in November and that's just what happened this year as well.  Then a move back up into the end of the month is what happened next.  We knew the down move was over for 2015 and made another  312.82% gain in a month that is commonly slow.

December And The Santa Rally!

Sometimes this month is tricky as mutual fund companies re-balance their portfolio before the end of the year for tax reasons but had another great month as we foresaw the moves and positioned ourselves according making us a 797.44% gain in total.

December 2015

12/01/2015 210/207 SPY Put Spread 155.96%
12/07/2015 208/205 SPY Put Spread 193.41%
12/14/2015 202/205 SPY Call Spread 180.41%
12/17/2015 208/205 SPY Put Spread 122.12%

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